Happy Legal Cannabis Day, Canada!

Legal Cannabis Day is here, Canada! Let’s celebrate! Now that you can flaunt your lifestyle for all to see, here are a few products with the ganja leaf front and center.

Wear a button on your lapel.

Doodle on large notepads with a customizable title – a to-do list with style!

Throw pillows around your dorm room – better get a bunch so you can roll around in leaf. You can leave the slogan, remove it, or change it to something more personal.

Stick a removable poster on your wall.

Cover everything you’ve got in stickers; customize the slogan or leave it blank to glory in the leaf.

Is there a happier pencil case anywhere? Happy Legal Cannabis Day!

This is my favourite, what a great keyboard …

… and computer mouse …

… and headphones …

… and speakers!

Classy lunch box, anyone? Arrive in style!

This is my all-time fave, though. I love the way the laser etching leaf looks.

Protect your computer; customize with your favourite saying or leave it blank if you want.

Presenting a couple of small carrying cases.

And in conclusion, some t-shirts with the bud on front or back. Change the slogan, remove the slogan, your choice.

Coming tomorrow, classic phone cases.

Hope your Legal Cannabis Day was a great one!

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