Post-It Notes “Dog In the Snow”

Face it, we all use Post-It Notes. Why not use some that are beautiful to look at? Plain, boring solid colours are fine for plain, boring offices. What you need is something inspiring, something that speaks to your soul every time you write a note.

These notes are fully customizable – you can easily add your name, change the phrase, or remove them both if you want to. For a wedding favour, you could add the names of the bride and groom, plus their special date. Say “thank you” or add a romantic quote.

You could even go a little further and change the font and positioning of the words. Make these notes truly your own!

They make fantastic gifts. If you are planning a wedding, think about customized Post-It Notes as guest favours or wedding party thank you gifts. It would be a nice touch to give something useful while still reminding them of your special day.

Is there a dog lover in your life that you’d like to give something special to? Let them know this is a plush coated Shiloh Shepherd dog named Karma. She is my dog, and I took this picture one day when big, fluffy snowflakes were falling. Karma loves the snow!

Or maybe you’d just like to treat yourself – you’re allowed to, you know. You deserve it!

There are many different types of Post-It Notes available, to suit your every mood. Here are some more to look at – see if something catches your fancy.

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